Shure SM31FH Wireless Fitness Headset Review 2018

By admin / July 9, 2018
shure sm31fh review

Wireless fitness headsets are very useful for fitness instructors, and after reading one of the Shure SM31FH wireless fitness headset reviews, you will come to agree with this statement.

Wireless fitness headsets are used mostly for presentations, allowing presenters to move freely without restrictions.For many years now, the mic industry has been evolving, with different companies adapting the numerous ground breaking innovations that has been coming up from time to time.

At first, it was wired microphones that flooded the market, but things are evolving. Wired mics have their limitations, and this gave rise to wireless microphones.

That didn’t end there because microphones are used for different purposes and these companies like the popular Shure mic manufactures began manufacturing microphones customized for different uses.

Fitness trainers too require their own special mic, and that is why the Shure SM31FH was manufactured. A workout class or session is something that requires total focus to meet the set goals, hence as an instructor, you don’t want anything to interfere, even if it is your headset.

In a workout session, it is important for the voice of the trainer to be very loud and clear.

Through a fitness microphone headset,fitness trainers keep their class guided and motivated. The fitness class could be yoga, Zumba, group training, or aerobics.

The class is kept engaged and functional throughout the workout session with the help of audible instructions from the trainer through their headset. Through the right headset mic, the fitness instructor can communicate in the best and clearest way to the class members.

How To Choose the Best Wireless Fitness Headset

Buying the best fitness wireless mic can be a tough decision, as there are many out there to choose from, and you may end up buying one that doesn’t fit your needs. It looks absurd to stop a fitness session because of technical issues, therefore, it is important to choose a headset that you can rely on as a fitness trainer.

A fitness headset should meet your every demand, and you should also go for one that is budget friendly. Surely, you can select the right fitness headset microphone with the tips below.

As a fitness instructor, you should by now know that your success greatly depends on the type of headset you use, therefore, before you go for the best fitness instructor headsets, you should endeavor to checkout certain important factors.

So here are factors to consider when choosing a wireless fitness headset:


Workout sessions can be tedious, as they involve rigorous jumping, bouncing and rapid movement as a group. Therefore, you should endeavor that your group exercise microphone stays steady on your head without altering its position as you move.

You don’t want a scenario where you will be busy trying to put your headphone in place while the class is going on. This will not only slow down the progress of the session, it will also affect your reputation as an instructor.


Another thing you should lookout for in a fitness headset is comfort, since a workout session can last for hours. You don’t want a headset that will be painful and irritating.As you take on Zumba classes and other fitness sessions, you may come across workouts that can put you in a crazy position, and as instructor, all eyes are on you.

Do you want a situation where your headset will become painful to you or irritating as the class is going on? You surely want your whole being to be present without any discomfort coming from your headset.

So anytime you are going through a fitness headphone comparison, make sure you findout if it is comfortable.

Sweat Resistance

Sweat causes discomfort, and if you are not comfortable, you are very likely to lose focus.You will definitely sweat as you work out, so choose a fitness headset that is resistant to moisture. Ensure to checkout if it is sweat proof or not. Luckily, after going through the Shure SM31FH wireless fitness headset reviews, you will find out that this wonderful headset is designed to be sweat resistant.

Easy to Use

As a fitness trainer, you should be professional in your dealings in class and also out of class. Everything around you should reflect excellence, and your wireless fitness headset too should be an excellent and easy to use device.

You don’t want to spend the whole day trying to fix the headset, so go for one that is easy to assemble and disassemble without causing you much stress.


You should go for a sleek and beautifully designed headsetthat will make you appear smart and nice to your class.The Shure SM31FHwireless headset is sleek in appearance, and it will boost your confidence as a fitness instructor.So as you search for where to buy Shure SM31FH wireless fitness microphone, be confident that its appearance is pleasing to the eyes.

Shure SM31FH Wireless Fitness Headset Review

When you read the Shure SM31FH wireless fitness headset review online, you will agree that the Shure wireless headset microphone is a perfect match for fitness training, group exercise and aerobics.

It is the perfect headset for fitness instructors, very rugged and durable in design.

A cardioid condenser microphone constructed with hydrophobic materials, the Shure SM31FHis ideal for a professional performance in fitness training.

Most fitness instruction headsets are prone to failure because they are exposed to moisture,but this not the same with the Shure SM31FH. The microphone is protected from corrosion damage through its moisture proof cartridge. You can use it as a replacement for any Shure wireless headset system since they feature TA4F 4-pin (TQG) connectors.

Shure SM51FH Design And Tech

It is a wire frame headset that is comfortable and fit for aerobics and fitness instructors. Through the moisture-repelling fabric it is made with, this powerful headset is protected from sweat and other elements that causes corrosion.

You can adjust it through the flexible goose neck design it is made of which makes it possible to optimize for the greatest isolation. As you use this headset, you won’t get fatigued or stressed even during high-impact use because it is light in weight and has a low-profile form.

Going through Shure wireless headphone reviews online shows that the SM31FH is a perfect headphone for fitness trainers. You can easily use this headset as a direct replacement of TA4F-connected microphones as it is compatible with Shure wireless body pack systems.

The Shure SM31FH headset is very reliable and easy to use. Since you have to be clear and loud enough to make your fitness class a success, this wonderful headset is integrated with windscreen plosive, breath and wind noise for a clear, loud and clean sound.

Its tailored frequency responsemakes it refined for a clear and crispvoice reproduction.

Shure is famed for precision engineering, and the SM31FH fitness microphone is designed with this legendary technology making it durable and great for performance as a fitness trainer.

If you are looking for where to buy fitness instructor microphones, then you are at the right place. A cardioid headset designed for better performance, the Shure SM31FHfeatures an awesome frequency response of 45Hz to 20kHz with a Max SPL of 145 dB.

An ideal headset primarily meant for presentation, it weighs just 60g. An electret condenser, it has a pouch case. Sweat can be a problem for fitness headsets, but that isn’t the case with the Shure wireless fitness headset because it has a hydrophobic  design that protects it against moisture.

The cartridge of the microphone is protected from corrosion that arises in humid environments, protecting it from damage.

Most fitness and aerobics instructors prefers a wire frame headset such as the Shure SM31FH since it feels comfortable and also fits securely. Surely, this headset was designed with the comfort of fitness instructors in mind, because even when used in high impact workouts, it won’t fall out and you won’t feel any discomfort from it.


When it comes to the best wireless headset microphones for fitness instructors, Zumba class instructors and personal trainers, you will surely find the Shure SM31FH among the top! This fitness instructor microphone buying guide surely will make you know that Shure is a reliable brand.While still retaining your focus, this outstanding headset makes the whole class hear you loud and clear without having to ruin your spin.

Easy to use, lecturers, public speakers, preachers and other presenters will find the Shure wireless headset useful.

With an accurate response rate, this headset is also portable, thanks to its light weight, making it easy for presenters to roam about without any restrictions and do other things without having to hold a microphone. It will be awkward and impossible for a fitness instructor to hold a microphone while performing those crazy yoga exercises.

Therefore, a professional wireless headset designed with fitness instructors in mind will do. No need holding them on your hand since you can hook them over your ears and strap them to your head.

Have you gone through any Shure SM31FH wireless fitness headset reviews online?

If yes, then you will find out that with an excellent wireless fitness headset like the Shure SM31FH, you’re an unstoppable force of fitness!

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