6 Facts To Consider Before You Buy Activity Tracker Online

By admin / July 10, 2018
buy activity tracker online

Picking the right tracker is a task that must be accomplished for you to get the best out of your fitness regime. With the number of brands and models that keeps increasing, it is becoming more ticklish to buy activity tracker online, as you don’t want to be caught biting your fingers in regret after buying a fitness tracker.

When the first set of fitness trackers flooded the market, they offered just the basic functions such as step and sleep tracking, limiting its usage.

However, newer brands have been modified and comes with more extra features such as waterproofing, GPS and smartphone notifications, increased sensors and built-in heart rate monitors. These additional features are interesting, making these latest brands interesting, a fusion of smartwatches, fitness trackers and running watches.

Now, how do you make the right choice?

Which fitness tracker should you go for?Making the right choice when buying a gadget has not been easy, therefore, before you buy activity tracker online, you should consider the battery life, software and other additional features.

The interesting thing here is that if you finally make the right choice, your health and overall well being will be greatly increased.

We understand how important it is in buying the right gadget, that is why we have come up with this guide.

Why Buy Activity Tracker Online?

Don’t just rush to purchase a fitness tracker because your colleagues are using it. If you want the best out of your fitness device,you must learn to go beyond selecting the brand your friends are putting on and have a consideration of what you want from it. This activity tracker buying guide will help you make the right choice.

Generally, a fitness tracker is deigned to take detailed record of your movement on a daily basis, tracking down the number of calories you burned and the steps you take through movement.

Every day, you set a challenge on how many calories you want to burn, and leave the task of recording to your fitness tracker, as you get a rough estimate on your success for that day.

Some fallacies about Fitness trackers

In a bid to beat their competitors and market their products, many manufacturers over-hype their fitness trackers, using tricky languages to lure customers.

Yes, for sure, this has given rise to more sales, but are their customers well informed?

No, most of these fitness trackers are surrounded by misconceptions. Even though many fitness trackers come with various attractive features, they cannot perform better than a device that is specifically made for a particular sport. Those who engage in swimming and other related activities will get just a report of the calories they burn and their heart rate movement, as opposed to a breakdown of their performance which many people think.

Also, many people think that with a fitness tracker they can get a detailed report on pace and distance, but that isn’t true. In order to get an accurate report when running or cycling, your fitness tracker should be GPS enabled.

That is why dedicated running watches are better off as they can give an accurate report on your pace and or distance covered.If you are looking for the best fitness tracker watch, then a dedicated device will serve your purpose.

However, you will still come across fitness trackers like Garmin’s Vivosmart HR+ and Samsung’s Gear Fit2 that are superb and features GPS, making it possible to get a detailed report on pace and distanced covered while running or cycling.Even though most trackers can be relied upon by occasional joggers, they are far from a training tool.

Facts to Consider Before You Buy Activity Tracker Online

You never want to regret your choice of fitness tracker, therefore you should take out time to check the features, designs and other factors if they meet your needs.With these six factors outlined below, you will surely make the right choice of fitness tracker.

  • Consider The design

The design surely matters when it comes to a fitness tracker. You don’t want to be caught putting on a tracker that is odd when compared to your outfit, or one that makes you uncomfortable.With the first set of trackers, buyers are mostly concerned about the color or screen, but that is not the case anymore, as the latest release of smartwatches offer more choices.

You will come across several trackers that wrap around your wrist and also designed in a way to make it comfortable to wear.Some brands can also be worn in pockets or on clips.

Interestingly, you will come across trackers such as the Misfit Ray which you can comfortably wear around the neck.Fossil Q, Skagen Hagen Connected and Nokia are top brands offering fitness tracking smarts which are bundled into ordinary looking watches.

  • Battery life

The battery life is something you shouldn’t joke about, as there some trackers with batteries that needs frequent charging because they run for a few hours to few days. Others use a cell battery that usually lasts for months. Therefore, if you won’t be using the tracker frequently, you may consider one with short battery life.

  • heart rate tech features

You can now easily see activity trackers with heart rate tracking, and this makes recording of calories more accurate.With different trackers out there, heart rate monitoring differs. It is now common to come across Fitbit smartwatch comparison because of their quality, as trackers like the Fitbit Charge 2 records your heart rate always and notes down your resting heart rate as you wake and also for a period you specify.

If you want a tracker that is extensive in nature, then you should consider the Charge 2 because it has many features for heart rate monitoring and is considered as one of the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor.

  • The Type of App

The app a tracker comes with is very important, enabling you perform several tasks. What you should first checkout in the app is its compatibility with your smartphone, as it will be useless to get a tracker that works only on iOS when you use an Android OS. Also, find out what functions the app performs.

  • Screen Display

If you don’twant to open your phone always, then it is ideal that you go for a tracker witha built-in display so that you can always watch your fitness goals and the time without opening your phone.

Trackers with displays are the best as they provide room for several notifications and other information, but they are more expensive, so it is up to you if you actually need one.

  • Check if it is waterproof

Fitness trackers are not meant for just jogging and cycling, they cover many other aspects of exercise, even swimming. We all know that water is bad for gadgets as your gadgets may begin to malfunction or even get damaged when water enters into it. However, due to popular demands, some brands have manufactured water resistant trackers that you can swim with. These waterproof fitness trackers can be taken the pool and record your swimming activity.

If you want to take record of lengths in the pool, then you may consider going for the Misfit Shine 2 and other related devices. For recording calorie burn and duration, the Nokia Go is a great option. There are also several other waterproof trackers offering simplified swimming metrics. Therefore, if you swim often or engage in activities that involves water, you should consider a tracker that is waterproof.


Staying fit has become so important because you become strong, healthy, and full of life as you keep fit. This has become a serious business as many people now keep track of their fitness.

The number of fitness tracker users is fiercely increasing, making the completion very stiff for fitness tracker manufactures. Several brands such as Fitbit, Misfit and Garmin fitness tracker manufacturers among others have come up with revolutionary trackers and are still creating new designs with modifications made to meet the ever increasing demands of users.

This is where you may be caught in the web, as you begin to wonder which fitness tracker to go for. However, if you are looking for where to buy Fitbit charge 2 online or any other top notch tracker, you don’t need worry, as you must have learnt in this guide about all the factors to consider before you make a choice.

Staying fit is a goal, therefore you should take your activities seriously by monitoring them accurately with the right tracker.

Getting the right tracker might seem tough, but as mentioned earlier in this article, it all depends on what you want it for, that is your fitness activities. Trackers suitable for jogging might be lacking in features when it comes to swimming, as each activity is tracked differently.

Surely, after reading this article on the factors to put into consideration before you buy activity tracker online, you must have made up your mind on the device to go for.

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