Best Wireless Running Headphones Under $100 On Amazon

best wireless running headphones under $100

The increasing demand for headphones suitable for running is growing bigger, with manufacturers trying to meet the demand by producing running wireless headphones in their numbers.

This has made it a bit difficult in getting the best wireless running headphones under 100. A wireless headphone for runners is made possible through improvements in Bluetooth technology and also battery life.

If you are on a tight budget and want to get an affordable device that won’t cost you more than a hundred bucks, then take your time to go through this article.

Although the wireless headphones for running listed here may not have some of the features that comes along with the running headphones that are way above hundred dollars, they still have great sound quality and they are also comfortable as you engage them in your running program.

Features That Makes Wireless Running Headphones Unique

If you are looking for where to buy wireless headphones online, you need to first of all know what makes a running headphone standout from other types.

What makes them unique isn’t just the fact that they stick to your ear while running, there are many other factors that make them special for running.

One of the factors is that running headphones are customizable to fit your ear. In addition to that, their sound quality stands out since they are designed having in mind that you will be using them outdoors and also in motion. Another thing that makes running wireless headphones different is that some of them can serve as a fitness tracker, as they are manufactured to improve your workouts, tracking you distance, pace, and also heart rate.

Some models also offer training plans. However, have it at the back of your mind that the models offering fitness tracker features, AI coaching features training plans and other advanced features are way more expensive than the ones you will get under $100.

Selecting The Right Running Headphone 

To get the best wireless running headphone, you should consider certain factors which makes them different form the usual headphones. One thing to lookout for is the sound quality.

The sound should have a great quality that won’t interrupt as you listen to songs on it. Another thing to put into consideration is the battery life.

Do you plan to run for long hours? If yes, then go for one with a superb battery life.If you plan to pile up music tracks in the device, then go for one with a bit higher storage capacity. The size also matters because you don’t want a running wireless headphone that will be a burden to you as you are running, adding extra weight.

Also, checkout the device compatibility as your running headphone should be compatible with your smartphone, be it iOS or Android OS.Another thing to lookout for is if it is a tethered or standalone device.

Best Wireless Running Headphones Under 100

Are you in need of a budget friendly running headphone hence looking for workout headphone price 2018? If yes, then this article is for you. Below are some of the best wireless running headphones under $100 that are also suitable for running.

Plantronic BackBeat Fit 305

This device has an oval loop that fits securely in your ears, making you run without worrying if it will fall out. The sound quality is superb, with about six hours of playback. Although it feels light, the control under the right bud is a bit larger than average.

JLab Epic2 Bluetooth Wireless

One sweet thing you will love about this running headphone is its battery life, which can last for 12 hours. With the integrated ear hook, the large-sized ear buds are kept under control. This device comes with a three-button remote, which is light enough that it won’t jiggle around as you increase your tempo.It makes it easy to adjust the volume, change songs and also answer calls.

Decibullz Custom-Fit Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

In this running headphones buyer guide, the Decibullz stands out because of its unique design.Made from a soft moldable plastic to fit in the shape of your ear, this device is a great option to try out.

Even if they may not appear flashy, they are great if you need something simple and affordable. However, if left in a very hot environment, this device might melt, distorting the shape, forcing you to remold it again with hot water.

Motorola Verve Ones Music Edition

The Apple AirPods is very popular in the world of wireless headphones, and one of its competitors making waves is the Verve Ones. As a well-known brand, Motorola has different versions in the market, and if you want one with an improved sound quality yet affordable, then this one is for you. featuring a white unique design, they sync faster and have a better connection to your phone as compared with earlier versions.

Monster iSport Victory In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

If you go through any wireless running headphone comparison, you will get to see that they all offer comfort. This device is not left out, as it is comfortable, durable and also affordable. While running, you don’t have to worry as the iSport Victory sticks comfortably to your ear, giving no room to get loose or fall out.

This is made possible through the rubber ‘wings’ and lots of ear tip options. At just 15g, they are very lightweight and are also sweat resistant.

What about the battery life? The battery lasts long, with a 10-hours Bluetooth battery life. The battery can serve you throughout your workday and even serve your post work run.

Although it lacks a heart rate monitor, at its price, the iSport victory is still an awesome option for most runners looking for something simple.

66 Audio BTS Pro Wireless Headphones

You won’t believe it,a 40+ hours battery life! Yes, with continuous playback form a single charge, the BTS Pro last for over 40 hours. To add to it, it features an amazing 100-feet wireless range, as opposed to the 30-feet wireless range most Bluetooth headphones come with.This long wireless range is made possible through the aptX Sd antenna tech.If you want a headphone for track sessions, then this device will do.Offering a long lasting battery life, this device is surely fit to be among the best wireless running headphones under $100.

Through the Motion Control app, you easily can control the sound output, and this is suitable for runners that love tweaking the sound equalization as they workout. You will love the noise-cancelling microphones it offers, as it makes the sound full of quality. It also has a feature for finding your headphone.

Beats PowerBeats 3

An awesome device, the PowerBeats 3 is a great companion for runners, keeping you filled with tremendous melodies. Offering a lot to users, it comes with a 12-hour battery life.

One sweet thing about this device is that charges faster, with the ability to top up an hour of battery life in few minutes. It should carry you through your running schedule for the day without going down.

Going through the best running headphone reviews should make you understand that a running earphone is supposed to support you as you run, not holding you back in any way. The Beats Power Beats 3 is designed in such a way to withstand sweat from your brows and can even be used while running in the rain. Apple lovers will find this device amusing since it features Apple’s W1 chip which makes it easy to pair with various devices linked to iCloud, also increasing the wireless range.


There have been lots of revolutionary improvements and innovations in the headphone market over the last few years.

These, coupled with feedback from users has forced manufactures to swing into action, producing the best headphones through inspirations drawn from those innovations.

Gone are the days when your headphone falls as you run, making you leave your headphone at home to avoid distractions. Today, with wireless headphones, you don’t have to worry again while running.The best running headphones are made with the latest and top notch wireless technology, together with a better battery life to keep you engaged for a long time.

Surely, you will come across running headphones with added features such as AI personal trainers and heart rate monitor, but they are a bit more expensive than conventional ones.

One good thing about music is that it greatly uplifts your spirit, changing your mood. That is why you need music as you run because various researches have proven that music can make you run better. The running wireless headphones in this article are great if you want a budget friendly running companion.

Multiple headphones have flooded the market, with different manufacturers struggling to fill in your need for a running headphone. With each device performing functions a bit different from the other, it may be difficult to make your choice, especially if you have a tight budget. This is why this article was compiled as we have made thorough research, coming up with the best wireless running headphones under 100. Improve your mood, take your training to the next level with the best running headphones.

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