Best Waterproof Fitbit Smartwatch Reviews 2018

By admin / July 10, 2018
best waterproof fitbit smartwatch reviews

Some fitness trackers can be used in the shower, but you shouldn’t swim with them. Even though Fitbit fitness trackers can be a bit resilient, not all are waterproof. Therefore, if you want the best waterproof Fitbit smartwatch, you need to go through the these reviews to find the one that suits you.

Lookout For These Things Before You Buy Waterproof Smartwatch

Even though some smartwatches can be used in the shower, not all can withstand the pressure of water in the pool, so first of all, check the depth it is rated for if you intend using it for diving. Most waterproof smartwatches are rated 5ATM, meaning that they can go as far as 50 meters underwater.

Notwithstanding, you may still come across some rated only 3ATM and they can survive a depth of 30 meters.In any smartwatch buying guide,always make sure you checkout the waterproof rating before getting one.

Best Waterproof Fitbit Smartwatch Reviews

Fitbit is a leading brand in the smartwatch world, and although most of their products are not totally waterproof, you can still find some budget friendly waterproof Fitbit smartwatches as discussed below.

Fitbit Versa

This wonderful device has a totally fresh look with a lighter design and comes with more personalization options.

The watch face is called ‘Squircle’, a unique design with rounded edges and a square face. The display is a vibrant and colorful touchscreen, with a high brightness level that makes the screen easily visible in direct sunlight and also underwater. The Fitbit Versa smartwatch vs charge 2 HR has a lot in common, but one of the major differences is that the Charge 2 is not waterproof.

Fitness Features

With the Versa, you can easily track your workout, no matter the activity you are engaged in. On the Exercise app, there is a dedicated option for tracking various activities be it cycling, HIIT, running, or swimming.Immediately you finish your exercise, this device presents to you a workout summary of your performance.

The swim tracking of this device is a great feature that makes it unique. A complete waterproof device, it has a dedicated swimming mode which you can use to track your underwater activities.The Versa also tracks your sleep automatically by sensing your inactivity, stillness and a decreased heart rate.

Performance And Battery Life

When checking out the best smartwatch comparison 2018, make sure you properly look at the battery life. When compared to its sibling the Ionic, Fitbit Versa does not have an impressive battery life. The battery lasts for three to four days, depending on how many workouts you track and also the brightness level.

Interface And App

This device has an interesting interface, as the dashboard provides a more natural and simplified view of your health and fitness data. Through the ‘Stats at a glance’, you can see your health and fitness reports, heart rate, exercise summaries and historical activity.

Don’t want the default watch faces? If yes, then you don’t need to worry as it is customizable, with hundreds of sweet designs to select from.Supporting smartphone notifications, you can see various notifications such as calendar alerts, texts and calls on screen, among others.

Do you wonder if it is compatible with iOS? Yes, it is! You can also use it on Android and Windows devices. The app is clear, impressive and easy to navigate, and it also syncs faster and quicker via Bluetooth.

This device is more than a fitness gadget, as it serves as a smartwatch for daily usage with additional features that you can use in connecting to your smartphone.

Fitbit Flex 2

As you make enquiries on where to buy Fitbit smartwatch online, you probably would have come across the Flex 2.A wonderful fitness tracker, the Flex 2 is designed in such a way that even if you wear a watch together with it, there won’t be much difference as it slim and small in nature.

Design and Features

The five little LED performs different functions ranging from updating you on how close you are to your daily goals and also notifies you of other stuffs. One of the color LED changes depending on the message you get. You will be notified with different colors, as purple reminds you to move, you will be notified for WhatsApp or SMS messages with blue, and yellow is for calls.

Another dominant feature of this awesome device is a vibration motor which tinkles to notify you. Although this device is waterproof, it is a minimal tracker.

What this means is that you can only use it lightly in checking your daily steps and it also sums up calories burned and distance covered.

This device also reminds you to move each hour provided you have not completed at least 250 steps a day, which is great if you want to burn more calories.

App And Battery Life

The app makes the auto-tracking feature possible, giving you all the data you need to see. You won’t get bored with the app as it comes with several games and other challenges that keeps you entertained.

Although the battery won’t last for months, it is manageable as it can last for up to five days, depending on usage. Since this device is designed in a slim and sleek manner, the battery size is small enough to fit in, but the vibrate function drains enough battery.

If you use an Android, iOS or Windows device, then you can use the Flex 2 as it is compatible with the mentioned platforms. With its tiny size, you may even forget that you are putting it on! The software of this device churns out motivational narratives through the data it collects to keep you going, even though it is meant basically for steps and swim tracking.

If you are new to the world of fitness devices, then you may consider going for this device as it has a low price and performs basic functions.

Although it doesn’t have much features, it is a great device offering feedback and extra motivation.

Fitbit Ionic

A bit expensive as compared to the Versa and Flex 2, the Fitbit Ionic is a superb device packed with lots of features.A cross between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker, the Ionic features an open SDK, NFC payment system and also a superb battery life, making it worth its price.The Ionic is so popular that if you come across the best waterproof Fitbit smartwatch reviews online, it will surely be among the top. This device, which puts fitness first,is way above other Fitbit waterproof devices as it is compared with the Apple Watch.

Design and Features

In appearance, the Ionic looks like a hybrid between the Fitbit Blaze and the Apple Watch Series 3, as it features a rectangular touch LCD making it unique. The screen has a sharp image quality and a colorful interface, all thanks to its curved, spherical glass lens.

The hardware of this device is notably different from other Fitbits as it comes with three LEDs and the customary green optical sensor. Are you an Android user? Then you will love the Ionic since it is compatible with different OS including Android. Are you a tech savvy wanting to do a little bit of coding and tweaking?

Then you will love the Ionic as it allows you create your own clock faces and apps through a web-based platform. It also comes with lots of interesting and useful apps.

However, you need your phone nearby for making calls and replying texts as this device isn’t meant to be a standalone smartwatch.

Battery Life

While a single charge can last for up to four days, if you are using GPS, it will only last for 10 hours. You can’t take away the fitness abilities of this wonderful device, as it serves as an exercise companion as well as a wellness monitor.

The screen is bright, as you can see what’s on it clearly even in direct sunlight. This devicecan also pause and resume your activities automatically, a great feature for city runners. You will also get guided personal workouts, advanced sleep stage breakdowns and automatic sport recording.


Swimming is a great activity that requires special gears and also a unique fitness tracker that is totally waterproof.

Interestingly, Fitbit has gathered a lot of fans, and some of them who are active swimmers and who also engage in other activities that involves water might become upset since they can’t find a waterproof Fitbit smartwatch.

However, this shouldn’t be the case because the Fitbit devices mention in this article are totally waterproof, meaning that they are submersible and sealed, with the ability to survive continuous soaking. The Ionic, Versa and Flex 2 arethe best Fitbit waterproof smartwatch you will come across, as you can wear them in water without getting it malfunctioning or damaged because of liquid.

There are lots of waterproof smartwatches out there from different manufacturers, but there is something special about Fitbit making it unique. Fitbit is so popular that you will hardly come across any fitness tracker review without seeing at least one being mentioned.

This is because they don’t only offer quality, they also have in mind the ever increasing demands of their customers, developing different category of smartwatches for everyone.

As you browse for the best waterproof Fitbit smartwatch reviews, I hope this article is of great help to you.

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